Organic Agriculture Consulting

Agronomy & Plant Science Expertise

Carbon Farming
Carbon-negative techniques
Carbon Credit income strategies
Organic Farming
Organic food and agriculture policy
Federal rules and regulations
Pre-certification services
Organic system design
Organic certification
Crop Consulting
In-Field agronomy
Organic pest management
Soil health
Environmental Planning
Nutrient Management plan
Organic Transition plan
Crop & Animal Rotation plan
Soil Management and Composting
Soil remediation
Soil sampling & mapping
Crop Plan
Crop production
Harvest plan
Irrigation Design
Greenhouse Plan
Plant Algorithms
Crop Record Keeping
Field and Crop manager software
Food Safety & Compliance
Food Safety certification
Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance
Sales & Marketing
Contracts and Buyers
Total Sustainability Plan
Solar and/or wind power generation
Geothermal Powerplant
Conversion to Electric Farm Equipment plan
Strategic Business Planning
Innovative analytical thinking and strategic advice
Assessments and Guidance
International Trade & Market Development